Tips for the perfect lip exfoliation

How to simply exfoliate your lips at home?  

A good lip exfoliation will help you prevent chapped lips and will keep them hydrated and healthy. 

Here are some super simple, organic, natural, homemade and inexpensive  

1- Chocolate. Use it as a scrub. It will eliminate dead cells from your lips and softem them 

2- Sugar. When your lip balm is just not enough, just do a quick sugar scrub 

3- Almond powder. As a scrub, it will relieve your chapped lips and allow your moisturizer to penetrate easily. 

Always add the Op’n Plump as the final touch. It will act on your lips as a moisturizer while being anti-aging and by plumping. 


Tips for hydrated lips

Here are a few key ingredients that you are most likely to already have at home and that will help you keep your lips hydrated when they start screaming for help.  

1- Shea butter. Moisturizing and repairing  

2- Coconut oil. Nourishing and with a heavenly fragrance 

3- Calendula Oil. Soothing, restorative and very well tolerated. 

Your lips are precious and will feel much better with a small layer of these very beneficial ingredients. Use them as a weekly treatment. 

Add your Op’n plump daily and you’re good to go.  



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